Theatre Replacement’s
New Aesthetics Performance Intensive
July 17-28, 2017

Viviana Tellas (Argentina) 

Miguel Gutierrez (USA)

New Aesthetics is a two-week summer intensive for mid-career artists.
Each year a pair of international artists are invited to share their practice
with a group of 
twenty working artists from around the world.

New Aesthetics 2017 combines the work and vision of two amazing artists and teachers committed to using the personal in the creation of performance. Viviana Tellas, the originator of Biodrama in her home country of Argentina, has a decades long history of creating dramatic works that explore the personal lives of both maker and subject. Her creations move from film to installation to theatre in the constant pursuit of the authentic. Miguel Gutierrez, called “one of our most provocative and necessary artistic voices” by Eva Yaa Asantewaa at Dance Magazine, is nearly impossible to attach to any specific discipline as he moves from video to large group works to solo performance. What is consistent in his creative practice is an unapologetic adherence to personal impulse, be that in the words he generates or movement he places on himself and others. The pairing of Tellas and Gutierrez is an intentional collision of generation, method, form and culture, and one that recognizes both artists’ histories of using the subjective as a primary energy in creation. The combination of the physical (Gutierrez) and text-based (Tellas) practices will offer an interdisciplinary environment suitable for individuals working in dance, theatre, film, education and/or any place in between.

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