Class Schedule

All classes will take place at SFU Woodwards (149 West Hastings St, Vancouver), Monday to Friday 10am-5pm.

Vivi Tellas Program:

My focus as a creator of performance has constantly moved towards something I like to call the ‘unintentional theatre’. The workshop will go from the personal and private sphere to the public intervention.

In ‘Family Theatre’ participants will explore, through their own biographies, the ‘great theatrical themes’, such as love, death, secrets, disappointments and frustration. We will turn the family plot into poetic material. Is the family the first theatre where we perform? Why do different family members have different versions of the same event?  What genre is our family? How can we make a living portrait of our family and stage it in a performance?

Later on participants will explore Vancouver searching for natural stages, looking for theatricality outside theatre on the theme of  ‘Found Theatre and the urban ready-made’. I define ‘urban ready-mades’ as existing things (persons, events and places) that become theatrical once looked at in a certain manner or framed in a specific way.

Miguel Gutierrez Program:

I am thinking about how to make live performance that is vital right now. I am thinking about the intersection of aesthetics and social justice and liveness and vibrancy. I am thinking about how we are products of an economic and artistic exchange system that we have to resist, co-opt, reject, re-form and destroy and I am wondering if that is actually possible. I am watching a lot of YouTube videos online and wondering whose art belongs to whom. I am thinking about how we are all geniuses maybe and I am wondering what it means to be “good” at something.

I bring people together and am good at getting them going on various questions and lines of action that relate to these questions and that get them to deal with the real, bold and also subtle “truths” that ignited their interest in performance in the first place. I bring everything into the room – my experience, my insecurities, my frustrations – and I let my body-in-action surprise me with solutions. My strategies tend toward the intersectional, the queer and the magical. But I live in the city and I like bluntness, humor and irreverence. I like it when things are mixed up.