Gob Squad

Gob Squad are a group of UK and German artists who make performances and videos which search for beauty in the everyday and look for words of wisdom from a passing stranger. Gob Squad is an artists collective, the 7 core members working collaboratively on the concept, direction and performance of their work. Other artists, performers and technicians are invited to collaborate on particular projects.

The collective explores the point where theatre meets art, media and real life. As well as theatres and galleries, they place their work at the heart of urban life – in houses, shops, underground stations, car parks, hotels or directly on the street. Everyday life and magic, banality and utopia, reality and entertainment are all set on a collision course and the audience are often asked to step beyond their traditional role as passive spectators and bear witness to the results.

The company started in Nottingham in 1994 but is now based in Berlin with a Nottingham office. Their work is regularly shown throughout Europe and has toured to all the continents (apart from Antarctica.)