James Long

James Long has been making performance since 1995 and artistic directs Theatre Replacement (TR) with Maiko Yamamoto. TR’s work has been presented across North America and Europe. As a freelance artist he has worked as a director, writer and actor with Rumble Productions, Neworld, urban ink, Leaky Heaven Circus, The Only Animal, The Chop Theatre, CBC radio and The Electric Company, among others. Recent freelance work includes: Morko and its partner piece Loch – both site oriented performances created with visual artist and animator Cindy Mochizuki; and, with Neworld, a new incarnation of the King Arthur story as told by Niall McNeil and Marcus Youssef. In addition to creating new work, James has taught performance and methods of creation to students and established artists across Canada and the US and is currently completing a Masters of Urban Studies at Simon Fraser University.