New Aesthetics is about bringing the world’s top performance makers to Vancouver for two weeks and inviting them to shake up our expectations, invoke change, confirm suspicions and invigorate our practices as makers and artists. As participants, it’s about giving over control and running blind with others who have similar appetites for the new — whatever that may be. As hosts, it’s about creating pairs of performance leaders that can, in combination, bring us to places where we actively question whatever it is we think we’ve been doing. These questions might arise in-studio (or at the beach) during the two weeks, or they might pop up the next time we get to making something.

We are now approaching our 4th instalment of New Aesthetics. We’ve had some incredible people come through the room and we are learning about how to keep the program strong and growing. We know we’ve got to keep actively working on making the experience relevant and challenging. We want to be a part of how conversations around art making in our city and community are changing — we want to be a part of how art is changing, and projects like New Aesthetics help us to do this.

And we are certain we should keep doing it.

—Jamie & Maiko

New Aesthetics is produced by Theatre Replacement with our community partner, Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts.